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> Transition to ICD-10 data standard and HIPAA 5010

Are you prepared for the forthcoming federally mandated transition to the ICD-10 set of diagnostic and procedure codes? Set to take place in October 2013, ICD-10 replaces ICD-9 with 155,000 total codes, a more than six-fold increase over the 24,000 ICD-9 codes. But even more than coping with the much higher level of detail in these codes, the monumental scope of this transition will touch virtually every element of the healthcare industry. Not being prepared for this can wreak havoc on revenue streams, data sharing efforts and perhaps even patient safety.

In addition, by January 2012 a new claims format called HIPAA 5010 will also be mandated. This format will allow the longer, alpha-numeric data fields of ICD-10.

Although January 2012 and October 2013 may seem a long time in the future, it is certain that these conversions will drain precious financial and management resources from all medical groups. MDP has developed the industry standard checklist and guidelines to assist executives in this transition and we are available to guide our customers though this process quickly, efficiently and with minimal expense and practice disruption.

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